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Aesop's Fables, "Du Hougan

If the world is a Marine, then I this is a small fish in the ocean, despite the sea in my book free to travel. One day, I found a bright Linlang Shanzhao as shiny pearl, this pearl is "Aesop's Fables."

I上上下下"Daliang" End The "pearl", also found that these "pearls of a major feature - on the one moving story, the story of Huanbaohanzhe all kinds of profound truth. I found a "The monkeys lying", the story is this: a love of monkeys lying to Athens on board, the boat was on the storm's attack, turned the boat. Dolphins are very much like a human conversation, access to knowledge. Dolphins to Monkeys as human care on the surface of the water, and chat with monkeys, monkeys and in conversations with the lying, exposed the dolphins were indignant after the dolphins, monkeys put up sea, drowned. This is fable to tell us that life, must not lie , Lying and who will therefore be retribution! Therefore, we have to do an honest person, so that we can into it, the lives of the masses, so that would not be despised by the people of the world! As the saying goes well: "Honesty is the golden key to the door of knowledge. "So, honestly treat people, equivalent to respect other people!

"Aesop's Fables" is a world known as "the King" of a novel, moving it to one interesting story, describing the text included in a number of knowledge and truth, I see a return to taste, Aha ! Not blowing, this book and China's four famous are evenly matched, can really Niua! I still remember the author of the book "Aesop" said such a sentence: "the United States over the wisdom of the body of the United States." Yes Ah, some people devoted to the appearance of the axis origin, the United States is now the one, the ugly one is negative, they absolutely do not know is that the U.S. is the real heart of the United